Business & Lifestyle Management for ADHD  Business Owners

You love what you do but juggling your business and your life has become a struggle.
The overwhelm of staying organised, dealing with all the phone calls and emails, not to mention keeping up with the daily tasks.
I’m here to take the load so you can enjoy your life and your business again.

A different way of thinking

needs a different approach to support

Being Neurodivergent, we often create our business to make life easier for us.  So we can focus on doing the things we love and make money from it.

But, most business support out there is tailored to Neurotypical buinsess owners and the ‘support, tips and tricks’ don’t work for us.  Which often leads to us to falling out of love with our business. 

Being Neurodivergent often means we need to take a different approach to running our business.  We need to be able to focus on the one thing that brings more calm and order to our life.  Everything else can seem impossible to get done.

This isn’t anything to do with how clever or intelligent we are, it’s simply a different way of thinking that needs a different type of support.  This is why By Blue was created.  Because we’re different too.

Do these sound like you?

(we’ve all been there)

Bored with your Admin

Your business is growing, which means the admin is growing with it. You know it needs to be done but you just can’t bring yourself to sit down and do it. The motivation is gone and procrastination sets in. Your brain is looking for dopamine, and let’s face it, paperwork isn’t going to make that happen.

Overwhelmed with Communication

You have more unread messages in your inbox than read, but you find it challenging to communicate consistently.  You worry about looking unprofessional and losing business because of your poor communication.  The accountant and your suppliers need your attention but today is not a good day for you despite knowing they all need dealing with.

Time isn't on your side

You’ve started to realise how much you need to learn and do to run a successful business. You don’t have the focus or energy to learn or research things that don’t interest you.  Appointments get missed and planning just doesn’t happen.  You’re starting to wonder where all the hours in a day go and if you’ll ever get everything done.

We cannot accomplish all that we need to do without working together ~Bill Richardson

laptop on a desk

Why specific support for Neurodivergents?

Because we think differently

You will never be made to feel like you’re ‘too much’.  You have 1million ideas you need to sort through at 3am? Send them over, (yes at 3am) I may not be awake but I’ll help you sort through them when I am.  You are free to always be you – even on the bad days.

I get to know you and your business, meaning my services will be tailored your specific needs.  You need me to manage your life or business for a while, okay.  You need me to body double while you get things done, that’s also fine.  It’s your business and your life so we will work in a way that suits you.  No more trying to fit you inside a box that’s meant for Neurotypicals.

I understand how stressful it can be, knowing what work to hand over, and planning work may feel like a hurdle you don’t want to jump. But, as a Business & Lifestyle Manager, and a Neurodivergent that has run my own business since 2010, I’m here to make the transition as seamless and easy as possible.

You don’t have to be formally diagnosed to work with me.  You may also be entitled to Access to Work funding for my services.


Business Support


Admin to body doubling. Brain dumping to tech support. Whatever your business needs are, I can help.

Lifestyle Support


From gentle reminders, to scheduling appointments and finding/booking tradesmen. I have you covered.

Project Management


You have a project/event coming up which is too much planning, organising and communication. It’s okay to hand it over.

I realised that my strength was being different ~ Betsey Johnson

Need a little extra help?

~ relax, I've got you covered

You know you need help, but, you're not sure what you should or can hand over.

Don't worry - I'm here to support you and your business.  We can talk through your personal and business needs and I can help you decide what support would be most suitable.