Cookie Policy

What are cookies

We already know that cookies are a really tasty treat. But what are website cookies?

Website cookies are text files containing small amounts of data.  They are created when you arrive on a web page and are automatically stored in your Internet browser.  Website cookies exist to make your Internet experience faster and more convenient


What cookies do

The purpose of the cookie is to help the website keep track of your visits and activity – most websites require the use of cookies, as many basic functions won’t work if you decide not to accept them.

Cookies can track the pages you visit while on a website.  This can include, the IP address and general location of your device, and sometimes login information.


cookies – good or bad

There is a lot of concern about privacy and security on the internet.  There is nothing exceptional about the information gathered by cookies but, if you are concerned about the information you provide to a webserver it is better not to provide that information at all.

Generally, the role of cookies is beneficial, they make your interaction with frequently-visited sites smoother and online shopping much easier.  For example:
‘Some online retailers use cookies to keep track of items in a user’s shopping basket as they continue shopping (think of Amazon).  Without those cookies, your shopping basket would empty every time you clicked a new link on the site. That would make shopping online much harder.

Cookies and the Law

The law requires websites that use cookies to ask your permission to collect them when you land on a web page.  In the UK, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) closely monitor sites to make sure that they comply with this legislation.

You have the ability to accept or reject cookies.  If you do not want our website to collect your data you can choose ‘no thanks’ from our cookie notice.  Please note necessary cookies will always be active to enable the website to work.


What cookies we collect

Cookie Name: _ga


Cookie Name: _gid


 Cookie Name: _gat

Clearing cookies

 On Chrome

  • Click on the three dots in the top right corner of your browser
  • Select ‘History’ from the submenu
  • Click ‘Clear browsing data’ from the menu on the left-hand side
  • Ensure that that only the ‘Cookies and other site data’ box is ticked
  • Click ‘Clear data’ to complete. (you won’t be signed out of your Google account)


 On Microsoft Edge

  • Click on the three dots in the top right corner of your browser
  • Select ‘Privacy & Security’ from the menu
  • You will see a ‘Clear Browsing Data’ section
  • Click on ‘Choose what to clear’
  • Ensure only ‘Cookies and saved website data’ is ticked
  • Click ‘Clear’ to complete


On Firefox

  • Click the burger menu and select ‘History’
  • Select “Clear recent history”
  • Set the time range to “Everything”
  • Select “Clear now” to complete


On Safari

  • Open ‘Preferences’ from the Safari drop-down menu
  • Click ‘Privacy’
  • Click ‘Remove all website data’, then confirm by selecting ‘Remove now’



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